Christmas Cards

Mailed out for Christmas 2007

It has been a Christmas tradition of mine to create my own Christmas cards to mail out every year.  I have been doing them for about 8 years now.  Some of them were hand created and others computer created.  Last year I bought cards to mail because I had a two month old baby and couldn't find the time to be creative while he napped.  This year I created cards again using a program online at SeeHere.com.  It was not really from scratch like I used to create them, but the site does let you pull the elements on that you want to use and move them around.  It, also, let's you use photos and crop and manipulate them.

The best part was that I ordered 50 prints for free, using a special offer good through Nov. 30th. from Freebies 4 Mom.  Click here if you want to use the deal.

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