Design Drool

I have been on hiatus for a while now.  So sorry.  Blogger wasn't working and every time I tried posting something, it would go ca put.  It seems to be fixed now (and speedier than ever).

Since I've been away for so long I just want to post a few things that I'm currently drooling over and then I'll be back next week.  These are kid focused, because my boys have a Birthday next month:

Wood Mobiel
Never ending options for building fun for kids. 
I think my toddler is a bit young for this right now, but it is right up his alley as he's obsessed with Lego's.  Maybe I should buy this for my husband instead; he's never gotten over his obsession with tinkering and custom building.  The other day he rigged up a system out of our laptop, microphone, and Lego's to accurately determine the speed of individual Hot Wheels cars.  (The burgandy car was the winner)

Haba Arranging Game
Haba has quality toys and their games are fun without temporary cardboard pieces.  You know that when you buy Haba, it will last forever. 
I particularly like this game because it reminds me of Tetris, but with blocks.  You can play the game or just use the blocks to build with.  It can grow with the kids' development!
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