Seven Minute Interval Training

I've been starting to get back into the fitness routine now that my youngest son is 19 months old.  I feel like the family is at a point where I can take a little time to get healthy.  I saw an article on the New York Times website here, about a Seven Minute Interval training fitness routine and I jumped at the chance to try it!  Literally, jumping jacks are included in the routine!

The day after I started I was in pain and loving that I could tell that seven minutes actually gave me a sweat.  Then, I saw that Harley Pasternak came up with his own modified version of the interval training and he recommended that you switch up your exercises to reduce the chance of repetitive stress injury.  So, now I have multiple interval training options so that I don't get bored with the same training every day.

My favorite part about all of this is that I can totally afford to take 7 minutes out of my day to be active and fit without losing time with my family!
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