Design Inspiration

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I love the bed.  Simple and stunning to look at.  I wouldn't mind that fireplace either!

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I really like the wood floor pattern.  Great mix of eclectic furniture, too.


Children's Art Poster

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I've seen this done before with your child's art.  Scan each piece and include in one big poster to frame.  Great idea to keep all those artistic masterpieces.  I've got a couple of pieces and I can't wait to get more from my little guy.

Mouse Tracker.

Anatoly seems to have created this program that maps the mouse activity on you computer.  My map is for about 1/2 hour.  The lines represent movement of the mouse and the dots represents inactivity with large dots showing longer pauses.  I primarily use AutoCAD, so you can see that my image has a lot of horizontal and vertical lines given the nature of my work.  Longer periods using the program can look really terrific with a lot of density of the lines.

You can download the program here.
What does yours look like?


Free Art for You

oh my! handmade goodness posted about a website called Feed Your Soul that has free downloadable art.  Every month Jen Wallace from the blog Indie Fixx will post new art from different artist.  What a great resource if you are looking for some new art!  I can't wait to see what is uploaded next.  I posted a few of my favorites above.


More Ideas on a Playhouse


This post is, in part, a continuation of my brainstorming session about playhouses for my son, but I just really like these homes a lot, too.  Tiny Texas Houses has incorporates great compacted ideas in these little homes.  Is it art or a thesis on vernacular or just fun? A lot of different styles are used for the various homes and they utilize vintage architectural materials.


Another element I want to incorporate in this increasingly grandiose playhouse is a stage.  I love the rough board "stage" in the latest J. Crew campaign photos.  I remember playing with my friends at a young age as if we were doing TV shows or plays.  I think it would be fun to create that sense of stage in a playhouse.


Play House


via Ohdeedoh  

My son gets into everything now and really loves playing in boxes and small spaces.  I have been pondering a moveable playhouse for him.  One that is demountable and easy to move between the outdoors and our living room.  I have included a few photos, above, of some inspirational images.  I'm going to keep thinking on this for a while...


Bookplates: Inspired or Otherwise

my bookplate

I ran across a blog article at Felt & Wire on bookplates and thought I would share the one that I created a few years ago for my book collection.  I'm afraid that they pale in comparison to the magnificent Art Deco creations, but it was fun to create.  I have to admit, my book collection is one of my joys and I even managed to cart part of it around as I was interning for architecture around the country.  You can't create a home unless you have a few books to keep you company.

PS: What happens if the bookplate is better than the book?

To Create:
Get inspired with photography or type and create a bookplate in any old program like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.  Print on sheets of adhesive paper (could be label paper), cut to size, and apply to book.  It's that easy!


Spatial Inspiration

I am a bit of a color girl, myself, but I can't help but love the rooms above.  Great use of pattern and subtle color.  It makes me want to put a creative lattice on my bedroom wall, too.


My New Shop on Etsy


I have opened a shop on Etsy called studiowitte.  You can visit it here or type http://www.etsy.com/shop/studiowitte in your browser.
I am selling a number of art pieces that you can see above, with the last photo showing a detail of the side of the pieces.  They are mixed media on wood consisting of charcoal and acetone transfer.  I really had fun making them!

Mailing Labels

I really love these envelope labels and you can download them here to add your own information.
There's nothing better than getting something in the mail, except for mailing something out to a friend!


Next Year?

I might have to make these next year.  Is it bad that I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day 2011?  How does Design Mom come up with these fantastic ideas!


Valentine Bracelet

My son is participating in a Valentine's Day party tomorrow and I made bracelets out of felt and ribbon for his little friends.  I was inspired by this post on Katie Did.  I modified the technique to make it a bit easier to make and to allow for the fact that his friends are all different ages and have varying wrist sizes.
I'm pretty excited about the result and it only took about 1/2 hour.

Here are my steps:
1. Cut heart shapes out of red felt.
2. Cut ribbons to appropriate length and use hot glue to seal ends from fraying.
3. Cut 2 slits in heart and thread ribbon.
4. Secure bracelet around wrist or appropriate packaging by tying a bow.

Be Still My Heart

via Brookish's Shop on Etsy
You can get this dishtowel with the best proposal EVER (from Pride and Prejudice) here.


Valentine Banner

via Design Stash on Etsy

I had this banner marked from last year and I still love it.  It is not available this year, but that can't stop you from being inspired!


Valentine Paper Bag

via TRAMONTANA on Etsy

This is inspiring.  I think I could see endless possibilities with paper and a sewing machine.


I'm Back, Because I Said So

Due to overwhelming demand. (You know one person.) I am going to continue my blog, because I keep thinking about it.  We'll see what it morphs into during the off-holiday season.

I received my Anthropologie catalog today and was impressed, as usual.  The outfit caught my eye, but the banner kept my interest.  Wouldn't a play room be great with that banner on one wall.  It is especially great because it is sans clowns.
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