Christmas Lights

We had a little warm weather a couple of weekends ago and up went the Christmas lights.  We just turned them on this weekend and my son was fascinated and kept pointing to them.  The lights peaking out from over our side porch is actually lights on the sailboat that we have in our backyard.  It gives me a little Christmas cheer every time we come home.  No comment about the fact that we have a sailboat in the back yard.

One of my favorite traditions is to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  Growing up in Florida, people really went all out to decorate because we always had warm weather to do the decorating.  There were some Christmases that my parents and I would drive around once a week to look in different neighborhoods.  Another of my favorite memories is riding in my Aunt's van with a bunch of my cousins looking at an especially large display of lights while visiting my grandparents.

1 comment:

  1. The sailboat is lit up? Awesome - can't wait to see that bad boy


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