Holiday Storage

It's time to start putting away your holiday decor and Real Simple has a number of article on their website here that gives you ideas and hints on holiday storage solutions.

My tips:
  • Store individual strands of lights in plastic grocery bags.  This minimizes the tangles to one strand only.  Some how winding the strand around a tube doesn't really work for me.  But, this trick never fails.
  • Set aside and label a strand that is incomplete to be used for replacement bulbs for next years strands.
  • Buy needed holiday items NOW while the sales are happening and store as you put away this years decorations.  You can't beat a bag of 100 bows for 10 cents.  I just bought a new table cloth and set of 8 napkins for $10 that can be used year round.

1 comment:

  1. I like wad all the lights up into a ball and throw them into a box - at least that's what it feels like every year when I'm putting up the lights. Oh!

    I do wind the lights for the tree on an extension cord holder and then unwind it as put the lights on the tree.


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