My Decor

I would be remiss if I did not post any of my own decor photos this year.  Let me apologize and say that my first priority was safety for my son, so I did not use any glass ornaments and I minimized the greenery around the house and other fun glittery things that I might otherwise use.  Instead...I opted to use simple gold ribbon, gold spray painted craft trees in matching pots (I made these about 6 years ago), and fake holly berries that I wired into my real evergreen wreath and Christmas tree.  I hope my simple decor hasn't disappointed you!

My husband created this little wood ornament last year.  They match wood toys that he made for our son.

A couple of years ago, b.b. (before baby) we vacationed in Germany and I saw these adorable and tiny nativity figures.  The conversion being as pricey as it was, I waited until we got home and I ordered a set for myself from here and gradually expanded it.  However, I did not like the stable that came with it.  My husband is building me one right now.  I can't wait to see the finished product, but we're having a difficult time finding the perfect stain.

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