Bookplates: Inspired or Otherwise

my bookplate

I ran across a blog article at Felt & Wire on bookplates and thought I would share the one that I created a few years ago for my book collection.  I'm afraid that they pale in comparison to the magnificent Art Deco creations, but it was fun to create.  I have to admit, my book collection is one of my joys and I even managed to cart part of it around as I was interning for architecture around the country.  You can't create a home unless you have a few books to keep you company.

PS: What happens if the bookplate is better than the book?

To Create:
Get inspired with photography or type and create a bookplate in any old program like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.  Print on sheets of adhesive paper (could be label paper), cut to size, and apply to book.  It's that easy!

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