How I Got Sponsored

In February I saw an ad about a competition to be sponsored by Prilosec OTC.  I have used this medication to deal with the heart burn that I started getting while pregnant with my son and decided never to leave after my son was born.  I hopped on over to the Prilosec OTC website and looked into their application process and what this competition entailed.  They were doing an intitial process and picking a number of people to sponsor starting on March 19th.  I filled out my application and started to spread the word.  I needed votes for a part of the judging and managed to get about 50!  (Thanks to you, my readers!)

Each applicant had the option to post videos or photos with their submission and I decided to apply to be the Official Prilosec OTC Craft Blogger so I whipped up a quick and fun craft to show what I can do.

I printed the Prilosec logo name onto some kraft paper, cut out the name, punched some holes into the kraft paper, and took some photos.  Quick and easy, which is how I think all crafts should be!

After I submitted my application I had to be patient and wait.  I received a call informing me that I was chosen to be the Prilosec OTC Official Craft Blogger!  They are sponsoring me by sending me a fancy SLR Camera and some photographing equipment so that I can photograph my crafts in a way that isn't embarrassingly bad.

I'm very excited about this sponsorship and I will keep you posted as new developments occur!  You can get sponsored to through Prilosec's next round of picks here.

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