Recycle Cards

I saw this post by stephmodo in my google reader today and had to pass it on.  It is exactly the inspiration that I have been looking for on how to recycle letterpress or other types of cards.  For the past few years I have been saving my favorite Christmas cards to do something with.  I have memories as a child of collecting especially gilt and intricate cards to stare at.  Now am inspired to create tags for presents from these cards!  It recycles them for more that one use and cuts them down to a more modular size for storage.  I am nothing if not thrifty and orderly.

If you need some fancy punches you can go to your local craft store or online to a plethura of sites.  Additionally, Impress Rubber Stamps is having a sale online for 20% off anything in their store. Enter the code “annual sale” to receive your discount; this sale ends on April 11th.  I fancy the Extra Giga Scallop Circle that is available here.

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  1. So happy to know this idea helps you out! You're going to have a lot of fun making gorgeous tags out of those special cards you've been collecting.


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