Papier Mache- May 2010 Highlights

I needed a break last week.  I can feel the pressure of calendar overload with the Summer coming, so I needed a teeny break from crafting and extra-curricular designing.

I received my papier mache e-magazine over the weekend and I thought I would highlight some of the fantastic items and image in it.  It's a children's design/clothing magazine that is truly inspired.  You can browse it and subscribe to get this magazine for free here.

I love this clean wood carved forest.  I wish I had a spare $300 to spend on a toy, but I don't mind dreaming about it.

Besides the fact that Blackbird is my favorite Beatles song, I think the costume is inspired and it makes me want to start planning a Halloween outfit now.  With the level of detail shown above, I really would need to start now!

This might be the most elaborate cardboard castle I have ever seen.

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