Antique Stores on Every Corner

My family and I took the opportunity last Saturday to go to a few Antique shops in the nearby town of Chesterton, IN.  We stopped at 3 of them with a toddler in tow and had to skip quite a few.  My son REALLY liked all of the antique toy trucks and I had to trick him into thinking the truck I pulled out of my purse was off of one of the shelves.  He seemed content to leave the shops toys behind, when he realized I was going to let him keep the toy from my purse.

All of these shops were full, to the max., of precious collectibles/ junk, but I did see a few things that sparked my interest.  One shop had a vintage Lanvin dress from the 70's for only $14 and I was tempted as it was in my size, but it was 100% polyester and I couldn't bring myself to buy polyester.  If only I were 15 years younger and didn't care about fabrics breathing.  Another shop had a gorgeous kidney shaped vanity desk that has some wear to the wood veneer surface.  We already own 3 desks, so I knew to not even talk to my husband about it.  Finally, I had my eye on this painting.

It's a landscape oil painting that is signed S. Rodgers and the frame has a label from Oklahoma.  That's all I know about it, but I just loved the colors and scene so I decided to pay the $60 for it.  It does not have a permanent place in our home yet, but I'll find the perfect place for it eventually.

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