Mid Century Modern Find

A little over a week ago I saw a local seller, on Craigslist, offering a set of Mid-Century Modern dressers for $200.  I confess that I have been keeping an eye out for months now, looking and yearning for MCM furniture to furnish our new house.  I hopped right over to the seller's house (with toddler in tow) after work and looked at the furniture before deciding that I definitely needed them, scratches and all, in our new house.  A quick call to my husband and we set up the pick up via our trusty pink trailer for an hour later. 

Then, the dressers sat on the trailer for a week until my husband was able to move them to the guest bedroom.  You can see the difference from the old photo to the new.  An overall photo doesn't do them justice, so I opted to include the closeups instead.


High Boy Dresser
Night Stand

Credenza dresser
Find my handle!
This room has taken a gradual transformation, but it is nowhere near being done yet.  It's a giant room, so it really needs a few areas designated in it; like sleeping, sitting, etc.

The "new" old furniture seems to compliment the antique brass bed that has been in my family for 3 generations.  The hardware is a matching brass and has a definite patina to match the wear on the bed.  The only serious issue is a missing handle on one drawer.  I've been trying to find a matching handle online or seeing about a different solution, but I'm in no hurry.

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