My Swap Entry

I admit that I tend to get a little obsessed with creative contests, so as soon as I saw the Blu Dot Swap Meet my gears started turning.

I used AutoCAD to build a 3D model of ...a model and imported it into Google Sketchup to render.  You can see my description below as to what, the heck, it is.  Let's think of it as "art" for art's sake.

My description is this:
Swap me a table for a world designed just for you.  Now you can stare at a hand-crafted landscape model designed with Blu Dot in mind; complete with wood base, plexi top, wood balls (who doesn't like wood balls?), and cork landscaping. 
Could be a great home to a couple of tarantulas! 
(Designer takes no responsibility for escaped tarantulas.)

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