Breakfast Room Set

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted and let me tell you why...I'm pregnant, due 11/11/11 (an auspicious date!) and I haven't been feeling my best until recently.  I am into my 2nd trimester now and that has made all the difference as I will not miss that 1st trimester.  So, all of a sudden I seem to have the energy to write and blog again.

Tomorrow my husband and I are making a quick run to Chicago to pick up a dining set for our breakfast room which has looked empty for the last 6 months.

It's a tricky room to place a table in as it's square, but has multiple paths through it from various rooms and has an, inconveniently located, wood grate in the floor.  I've thought about round table that could seat 6 and rectangular tables that aren't too big.  Finally, I ran across a set from World Market.  I love it as it's not too traditional or modern, but a nice blend of industrial and vintage.  We're going to purchase the table and 4 chairs.  In the future we are going to purchase a "matching" bench so that we can seat more than 4 at the table.

Image via World Market
The real sweetener in this deal (and the reason this short trip is so last minute) is that World Market just came out with a $50 off a $200 purchase that is good in store and online.  We are going to split the transaction into two and each of us is going to take advantage of this coupon.  I'll let you know if my devious plan of saving $100 instead of $50 works.  If you are interested, you can print or redeem your own coupon here.

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