Owls and Books

As fair warning I think I should tell you that I plan on working on a number of projects for the nursery and I'm going to highlight a lot of them.  I get a lot of inspiration from the internet and I always think that I can make everything myself.  I don't want to rip off other people's ideas, but I'm not planning on stealing their ideas to sell them.  I like to think of it as borrowed creativity.

Here are a few ideas for the nursery:

via hilary cosgrove

I want to make an owl pillow like this to sit in the white Eames rocking chair we have.

via shophouse

 I have, actually, purchased a super cheap and vintage book to do this.  My book is less colorful, but will go in a teal room.  I might wall mount it instead of hanging it though.

As I actually complete these projects, I will post them and tell you how I've done them.  I thought some inspiration was in order first, though.

Even though I've had nurseries on the mind, our current house project is painting our toddler's room.  Things are in progress right now, but I'm hoping we can have some results in a week or so.  (We do things slowly at our house.)

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