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This is a tiny bit out of character for my usual posts, but people keep asking me where I get some of my shopping deals and free stuff, so I thought I would share the wealth. These are all sites that I use on a regular basis.  I'll try to keep this updated, too; it will save me the trouble of emailing the list to people as it keeps getting longer and longer!

Money Back from Shopping:

  1. Ebates- By far the best and easiest way to earn money back when you are already planning on purchasing something online.  Go to their site first, search for your retailer and click on the "Shop Now" button.  It will automatically credit your account and pay you quarterly for the money you have earned.  This is a great site, because it has promotions frequently with increased cash back and lists a lot of relevant coupons for retailers on their site page.  The real bonus is that you get $5 for signing up here.*
  2. Slick Deals- Comprehensive site that lists all of the best shopping deals going on across the web.  Users rank the deals and Slick Deals lists the highest ranked deals on their home page.  You can, also, search for a store or particular item and it will list any deals that might be happening.  I check this website before I buy anything online as it points me to the best deals.  Check it out here.

Free Stuff:
  1. Bzz Agent lets you take brief surveys to see if you qualify for their product campaigns and then invites you to participate.  They send you free full size products and coupons to pass around with the intention that you will talk to friends and family about the new product and spread the bzz.  There is an additional short survey at the end of each campaign.  I get a lot of free stuff by participating with Bzz Agent every year and  probably participate in about 12 campaigns a year by trying out food, toiletries, makeup, and cleaning supplies for free.  Sign up here.
  2. Vocal Point-  The site has free full size stuff to try on a regular basis and all they ask is that you review the item by giving them a little feedback while talking to your friends about the products.  It's quick and easy and they send you emails letting you know when they have a new product to try.  Their "try and tells" include anything shampoo, beverages, to new movies on tv.  Check out the site here.
Swap Sites:

  1. thredUP- A swapping site for gently used kids clothes, books, and toys.  You post a box and if it's picked you send it out for free with ThredUPs postage.  If you find a box you like, you pick it and pay $5 (+ shipping) and it is sent right to your door.  I ordered a box and it came within the week packed full of name brand and gently used clothes for my son.  You get $5 for clicking the button below and joining.*
Accept This Invitation

Blogs Promoting Free Stuff & Discounts:
I suggest subscribing to these blogs to never miss out on their deals.
  1. Freebies 4 Mom- She posts links to free stuff daily and, also, posts about discounts, giveaways, and sweepstakes.  Her blog is great and really compiles everything for you if you want to get lots of free stuff in the mail.  Check out her blog here.
  2. Baby Cheapskate- This is geared towards someone with kids and highlights deals on products, samples, and ways to save when raising children.  Great resource if you're looking to buy some big ticket items and want to find a deal.  Check out her blog here.  (PS: She let me guest post on her blog about my son, Logan's nursery a while back, see it here.)
  3. Money Saving Mom- An excellent source for coupons, discounts, frugal shopping tips, and free stuff.  Check out her blog here.
  4. Coupon Connections- Very comprehensive site listing coupons and deals for groceries and big box retailers.  Tips on how to use coupons to their full advantage and retailer policies are, also, included. Check out her blog here.
  1. Pinecone Research-  This survey site only opens up its panel to new people a few times a year.  If you are interested in joining, I would suggest looking at this website and seeing if you can join yet.  They pay $3 a survey and frequently send free products to try.  I just received a jumbo sized package of Pampers Diapers a month ago to test.
  2. Synovate-  Research site that sends you qualifying surveys and then products to try.  There are follow up surveys after you have used the products and then they pay you $3 to $200 a survey.  Some of the surveys can be lengthy, but I have been compensated $200 for an extensive survey before so that makes it worth it to me. Try it here.
*I get compensated for referring people to denoted sites.

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