Completed Nursery

The nursery has been done for a couple of months now and I am just getting to sharing the photos with you.  The growing baby must be draining my blogging capabilities!  My due date is a month from tomorrow, so that gives you the perfect amount of time to leave me feedback on the room.  Tell me what you think and feel free to ask questions.

We chose a teal color called Harbor 520F-5 (Behr), but had them paint match and used a Glidden paint in a satin finish.  The ceiling and crown molding were a Glidden eggshell finish in Stone White GLC30.  Before the curtains went up I thought the color was too bright and Nathan thought the color was too dark, but I think the colorful curtains pulled it all together.

It took me a few hours to make the curtains from the fabric I ordered from my previous color board here.  After I put the curtains up, I decided they were a tad bit long, so I ended up re-hemming them for another hour.  I'm quite pleased with the result.  It's a quality fabric that, with the light blocking blinds, will keep the room nice and dark as needed.

I used and old canvas to do the graphic painting hanging over the white chair.  I painted it by layering about 5 colors of dotted paint to cover the canvas completely.  The paints were leftover from college; I can't believe they weren't completely dried out.  The painting is nothing spectacular, but it does that job and is a definite improvement over the previous painting.

I actually won the white chair at Chicago's Neocon a few years ago.  It was, also, in Logan's nursery once upon a time.

The top owl print was a holdover from Logan's nursery in the old house that I found on Etsy a few years ago.  The lower print was something I created and printed.

We picked up the plush Tigger at our trip to Disney in April and I decided it would make a cute addition to the crib pre-baby.  I had extra fabric from the curtains and made a quick pillow with leftover stuffing from a previous project.  Both of these items will be removed from the crib when the baby starts to use it, but they are cute for now!

I folded about 25 origami cranes in varying shades of blue and green to create the mobile hanging over the changing table.  Kite string was used to hang the cranes from a Manzanita branch.

We decided to hang a light from West Elm over the Eames rocker.  I purchased picture ledges to store a small collection of children's books in a front-facing library of sorts.  Logan likes to browse the books in this room as his aren't represented in such a pretty fashion.


  1. That all looks nice - all the planning and hard work is evident. (that sounds like some robot spam comment) Those bookshelves are clever. And the little birds - I like those too.

    Can't wait to see how the baby likes it.

  2. This is beautiful! I can tell you had a great time pulling it all together. Love your Logan's room as well. Great name choice too, we have a Logan! I like your book shelves, we had just two in a row and it was the source of hours of enjoyment especially when Sylvie was a toddler, there is something great about seeing the book, taking it down, putting it back etc.

  3. Gorgeous! I love your modern nursery. So bright and colorful, too!


  4. Your nursery turned out great! I love the colors.

  5. Where did you buy those curtains?! They match elements in my nursery perfect and I want to purchase them. Thanks!

    1. Whitney, I made the curtains from fabric I bought at www.fabric.com. There are a ton of color options and a few different designs.

  6. Your nursery looks lovely! Where did you get the ladder bookshelf? I'm looking for something similar. Thanks!


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