Giving Week & Holiday Music

 I just found the AccuHolidays website yesterday and they have great options for listening to Christmas music online.  They have a number of stations to choose from or you can create your own list of artists that you can listen to.  Click the photo to go to their website.

The Holiday Lite is a tried and true Chicago station that plays a mix of new and old Christmas music.  Click the photo above to go to their website and listen to the live radio feed.

Here's my To Do List this week:
Giving Week
Nov 15- 21
  • Put Christmas cards together
  • Do a quick declutter of home
  • Verify gifts purchased up to this point
  • Schedule boarding for animals for Christmas
  • Begin making gifts
  • Begin making decorations
  • Purchase needed Holiday Clothing
  • Purchase any needed items for gift crafts
  •  Purchase any needed items for decorating crafts

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