Wood Candles- Do Not Burn!


I have been seeing wood candles around for a while now.  Target even has a wood veneer candle right now.  

I decided to make my own.  My husband and I were driving home one day and I said, "Stop!"  We pulled over next to a pile of tree limbs and loaded up the car.  We cut them up and made little votive holders.  Honestly, they are more for looks than anything.  I don't think burning a votive in a wood holder is safe, but I like the look of it anyway.  

One thing I realized, after the fact, is that seasoned wood would work better as we did see a little bit of splitting as the wood dried out.

1 comment:

  1. I bet it would be safe to burn those, but as always, don't burn candles unattended. Only YOU can prevent votive fires.


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