Birthday Party- Fall Theme

My son just turned 18 months old, but I never did share some of the things I made for his 1st Birthday party, because I started this blog after the party.  I thought I would share a couple of things now.

I created this invitation using Adobe Photoshop and had it printed at Walgreens for next to nothing.  It fit neatly in a standard invitation envelope.

Wilton has this cupcake shaped cake form that I used to create my son's cake.  I whipped up my own blue icing and decorated with lollipop sail boats that ended up being too heavy to sit on the cake.  You can by the cake form here.

You can see a fall theme with the colors and I took advantage of my son's October birth date to gather a number o fpumpkins and gourds to decorate the party.  We enjoyed them for weeks and the house stayed festive until Thanksgiving.  I couldn't believe some of the gourds could stay fresh for so long!

I saw this crepe paper streamer idea at My Paper Crane.  The idea was to sew the streamers together and create a ruched look.  Turns a $1 streamer into a really nice looking decoration.  I made yard after yard and it took me about an hour to make all of them.  I added a few craft paper  garlands as well that were my own creation.

Finally, I bought cheap paper lanterns at the Paper Lantern Store to decorate our new deck outside, but the foul weather changed my plans and we quickly strung them up over the buffet table.

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