Go Up-Stirs

When Logan wants to go upstairs he says it like up-stirs.  Funny pronunciation and it's so darn cute, so I thought I would take you on a tour of the up-stirs.

Guest Bedroom

This a is a large bedroom that we haven't remodeled yet.  I like that it's big enough for a small family to stay in while visiting us.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom also happens to be Logan's bathroom.  He's the only one to get his very own jacuzzi bathtub.  Lucky Duck.  We don't expect to make any changes to this room.  It was remodeled recently and has a nice marble counter top and tiled shower.  Fancy digs for a little toddler!

Logan's Room

Logan's bedroom is pink.  He likes it that way and doesn't seem overly concerned about his feminine tinted walls.  We have big plans for his room.  We want to add bead board and trim to his walls as a wainscot and paint the walls in a more neutral, yet masculine color.  We will, also, match the built in seat over the existing ductwork that is locate in one portion of the room.  You can see that his room is actually split into two areas.  His sleeping area and a play area.

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is more of suite.  We have a bathroom, walk-in closet, and sitting room all attached.

Sitting Room
Messy Master Bathroom
A couple of our bathrooms are like hallways in that they have two doors, a regular door at one end and a pocket door at the other.  We plan on adding pull handles to the pocket doors.  Our Master bathroom needs a bti of work in terms of color and storage.  Right now our towels are piled into a basket on the floor.  Some shelving would help this.

View into Sitting Room
Storage Room
 We have a large storage room off of the sitting room that is over our garage.  It's partially finished and I can't wait to transform it into my craft/ storage room.  It's like a hidden gem that you wouldn't expect to be there.

and lastly...

Bedroom (and Logan's favorite bed to play in)
This bedroom is connected to a hallway and the master bathroom.  It's a perfect room for any future nursery needs.

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