Giraffe Lamp

A while ago I saw this Jonathan Adler giraffe lamp for $395 and new I would never own it, but I really liked it.  I couldn't imagine buying a lamp for that much money.  I did keep an eye out for minimalistic animal lamps, though.

via Jonathan Adler

Along comes a Menards ad with a sale showcasing kids lamps and one of them has giraffes on it in garish colors.  The lamp is only $9.99 after rebate and I thought to my self that that's not a bad price for something I can modify a bit.So, I had my husband pick me up a lamp while he was on his weekly Menards run.  We I pulled the lamp out it definitely looked like a $10 lamp.

from Menards
I had white, glossy spray paint from a previous project and I taped off all none giraffe portions of the lamp.  After applying a few coats I had my new lamp and I don't think it looks like it was $10 anymore!  A pretty easy fix to an ugly lamp and I love the cost much more than $395.

It will be in the new nursery for the baby's arrival!


  1. You had such a great idea! I had seen this lamp in another photo that I saved and I couldn't figure out how to find it! Now I realize they had done the same thing and painted the lamp white. They probably saw your post as well! I bought one myself...but it wasn't the great deal you found! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Any chance you still have this lamp and would be willing to sell it?


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