Billiards Room Updated!

After a few months of having an empty Billiards Room, we finally have the pool table set up and ready to play.  You can see our lame attempt at filling this empty room in the photo below.

Things have really come together in this room and I really like the final result:

My Grandparents moved into a smaller apartment and gave away a lot of their possessions.  I was pleased to receive these signed illustrations by Thomas Shaddock.  The frames add some real character to the prints.  For years they hung above my Grandparents Living Room couch, so I enjoy remembering growing up and visiting them!

A few more items to note include the emblematic object that my husband created in his Freshman year of Architecture School.  So nicely done, that I need to showcase it.  The green chair is an original Eames fiberglass chair that we found in really bad shape and had refinished at an Autobody Shop.

 PS:  Do you like the name Billiards Room?  I decided that we needed to name our rooms based off of the Clue game.  Now I need a Conservatory!

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