Now I Know-It's a Boy!

Now that I know that we are having a boy, I can get serious about the nursery.  I have been anxious to get started, to say the least!  I have been busy revising my idea board for the nursery, but I just keep coming up with more ideas so I really need to get myself in line.  My main concern is making sure items/colors don't clash and that I am doing things in the most cost effective way as possible.  (I'm cheap.)

Here's an example:

I saw this great seller on Etsy, Sylvia Photography Shop, and I got inspired with her photography.  She has this great shot of a Ferris Wheel that I was lusting after, then I realized that my husband took a photo of a wooden roller coaster 6 years ago that could create the same photographic effect. My results are below.

You can see the inspiration here.  My husband clued me into the fact the background uses a bokeh effect.  I manipulated the background and tweaked the photo using Photoshop. I'm going to order a large 20X16 glossy print and frame it to be installed in the new nursery. (Maybe over the rocking chair?)

1 comment:

  1. Ahh yes, the bokeh effect. Or is it affect? Always get those confused. Your husband is a pretty smart dude.


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