Homemade Birthday Card

This is months late in posting, but I didn't want to miss sharing my homemade Birthday card for my husband.  I tend to make my own cards for Nathan as I think it lends a personal touch to the celebration.  This year I decided to draw a retro robot; my husband is very mechanically inclined and I thought this would be very fitting for him.  My son really liked the card too and kept trying to hold it and color it before I even got a chance to give it to Nathan. 

My trick for making my own cards is to find a random envelope and cut cardstock  with a fold to fit inside said envelope.  I, then, decorate as desired.  Sometimes I look up photos for inspiration and sketch my design in pencil with a final draft in pen, marker, or colored pencil.  Besides being cheaper than a store-bought card, the recipient know that thought and feeling went into it.  Nathan actually framed one of my cards and hung it next to his work computer.

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