Wall Art-Number Theory

I stopped by Hobby Lobby over the weekend, with my son in tow.  We had fun running though the giant store and looking at the random items for sale.  It really is a crafters paradise.  My goal for this trip, however, was to find cheap wall frames for the nursery.  I have a few projects in mind to create some art for the space, but it makes sense to buy the frame first and create later.

I managed to pick up a number of 11x14 aluminum frames with glass, but had to order the pre-cut mats online here (it was actually their Ebay store).  Let me say that I hate how expensive mat board and pre-cut mats are.  I have the tools to cut my own, but it doesn't really save me any money.

Now that I had the vessel, I decided to start the art.  I had a few inspiration photos and I keep seeing fun alphabet and numbers posters everywhere, so I created my own.

I was really happy with how my attempt worked out.  I used a AutoCAD template that I created 3 years ago for my other son's nursery and incorporated it into the piece.  It brings me a bit of nostalgia and ties the rooms together.  I pulled the colors off of the rug that arrived two days ago and created the whole thing in Photoshop.  The hardest part was deciding which fonts to use for the numbers.

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