Logan's Bedroom- It's Finished

We were working hard to complete Phase 1 of my son's bedroom update before our Family Reunion during July 4th.  Everything was ready for the packed house, except for Logan's bed, we just completed that last night.  So, now I can share the images with you!

My goal was to paint over the pink walls (shown below) that were left over from the previous owner and create a room that my son could grow into and not grow out of.  I chose a medium brown tone that I knew could play up with brightly colored accessories.

Before Photo

I had used these book illustrations in Logan's old nursery and decided to add to them to create a vintage feel over this new bed.  The aluminum picture frames were, also, a holdover from the old nursery (at the old house).

The first thing I did after deciding on the wall color was picking cushions for the bench over the mechanical duct.  I found these great outdoor cushions at Walmart and bought three.  When I took them home I realized that I had about 6 inches of extra cushion, so I jumped on the sewing machine and trimmed one of them down.  I used that one in the middle section to make everything symmetrical and I don't think it's noticeable.  These cushions created my color scheme for the rest of the room as I finished picking accessories and curtains.

I bought the "Go Jump in the Lake" print/distressed board from an online Etsy retailer called Go Jump in the Lake.  We live right by Lake Michigan and I thought the slogan was appropriate.

I found this metal and wood children's desk at the Bethesda Resale Shop, locally, for $3 and we already had the small chair.  I have ideas about painting the globe with chalkboard paint, similar to here.

You can see a close-up shot of the paper lanterns (from Logan's 1st Birthday party here) and the model airplane (from his old nursery here).

My favorite thing about this room was being able to use so many items from the old room and changing everything up with pops of color.  My total expenses for the room ended up being around $150 and that's not too shabby.

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