Crib Sheets Galore!

I must be in serious nesting mode, because over the course of the last few days I have managed to knock out another Pinterest DIY project by making, not one, but two crib sheets for the nursery.
After browsing on the internet for months to find crib sheets that would complement the teal wall color in the nursery (you can see the sneak peek above).  I, finally, gave up and discovered this easy to follow tutorial on Pinterest.  Click on the image below to learn how to make your own crib sheets.

via Pinterest/dana-made-it.com
 I purchased 2 different fabrics and elastic at Walmart for a total of $16.  That means my cost per sheet was only $8 which easily beats all but the most basic crib sheets out there.  I decided to choose colors that would compliment the teal walls and a pattern that would be a bit more fun and less cutesy than teddy bears and puppy dogs.  I did measure my mattress before cutting any fabric and discovered that I needed to add about an inch to the length of my sheets after looking at the tutorial.The first sheet took me 1 1/2 hours to create because I had a bit of a sewing machine issue (easily fixed once I knew what the heck was going on).  The second sheet took me only an hour to complete with the longest portion of the process being the threading of the elastic through the perimeter of the sheet. 

The aqua sheet is completed and ready for washing next to my sewing machine.  You can see my, not so neat, work space above that is located in our large storage room over the garage.  It is in definite need of a makeover.  The walls have never even been painted!

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  1. Do you backdate these things? I swear I don't remember you posting this? Or is it I've become lazy and depend on you posting these to facebook - and you didn't post these links? Or perhaps I missed the announcement. Maybe I should sign up for the RSS feed. Of course, that would take all the excitement out of it.


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