Easy Cork Board Initials

I saw an easy DIY guide on Design Sponge for making a map cork board.  I thought about makign a map board of Indiana for all of 5 seconds and then decided that there wasn't anything interesting about a rectangular cork board, so I opted to create my initials out of cork board that I happened to have from a while ago.

I did change up how I made these (versus Design Sponge's directions):
  1. Use Microsoft Word to create a large scaled outline of your initials and print on regular paper.
  2. Use double stick tape to temporarily adhere template to cork board.
  3. Cut along your template line with a precision blade like X-Acto to get a clean cut.
  4. Pull off the template and hang the cork board.( I used leftover double stick foam tape from old command strip hooks.)
This project took me all of about 10 minutes to complete.
    via Design Sponge

    You can see that my board isn't as creative as Design Sponge's, but I'm pleased with the result!


    1. May i know what font you used to make this, or did you create it by yourself?

    2. Oh boy, I have no idea what font I used. I scrolled through my options in Word until I found one I liked. Sorry I'm no help!


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