Pinterest- Chalkboard Globe Completed!

On my previous post I talked about completing a project from Pinterest to meet the Young House Love Pinterest Challenge.  I met the challenge head on and completed the project on time (in spite of our house guests this weekend)!  I have to say that setting deadlines and making a public challenge is a great way to get things accomplished.

You can see my inspiration in the previous post here.  I quite happy with how it turned out.  It was easy enough to do:

1.  Removed globe and used spray paint cap to elevate it in a spray box.
2.  Used chalkboard spray paint to apply thin coats of paint.
3.  Used a silver spray paint to update the globe pedestal a bit.
4.  Put it back together again.

My husband was dubious about covering up the vital geographic information, but I reasoned that the names change on countries so quickly anyways that it would probably be out of date in a few years time.  We already owned all of the spray paint, so the only cost for this project was the $1 globe.

Before Photo

After Photo

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