Pinterest Challenge- Chalkboard Globe

We have visitors this weekend and somehow my suggestion of turning the weekend into a nursery painting party didn't appeal to them.  Oh well.  In spite of that lack of enthusiasm I still plan on completing a project that I mentioned a couple of days ago...chalkboard painting a globe that I found at a garage sale for $1.  (Globe seen in this post.)
via Pinterest

The Young House Love blog (a long with a few other blogs) came up with the idea to complete a project that you have pinned on your Pinterest board instead of just dreaming about them.  They've come up with a challenge that I hope to meet head on.  My "Around the Craft Room" board is here and you can see that I have a number of projects that I would like to complete (or at least start).

You can see my other boards here.  I even started a board of my Modern Mantle projects.  You can follow any or all of my boards when you sign up for free with Pinterest.

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